With overwhelming pride we stand united in support of the families of the brave soldiers, sailors and airmen defending our freedom and protecting the United States of America.

This group united in March of 2003 and is comprised of military families, Vietnam Veterans, retired military, and community members from in and around Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

We share a desire to assist Military Personnel, Veterans and their families by providing support that promotes self-sufficiency, strength, stability, readiness and love.

Whether you are a family member, a spouse, or a friend, we hope you may take comfort in knowing there is a local support system in place to help you through a deployment or other separation from your loved one. We are also seeking community members with a desire to volunteer, support past and present members of the armed forces, and raise awareness in our community.

There are no membership fees and currently we have many active members that meet biweekly. Meetings are open to the public, casual, and very informative!

Please see the calendar below for upcoming meeting dates, events, and projects happening!

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